Corset Story give serious consideration to its Corporate Social Responsibility in all aspects of business practises. We look at how we can reduce, reuse, recycle in order to minimise the impact of our working process have on our planet. We also assess the impact of our business on our clients, suppliers, our staff and the communities with which we have touch points.

Corset Story’s contribution to corporate social responsibility includes:

We operate a paperless office where possible (invested in a paperless ordering/warehouse system) wherever possible minimising the use of paper and toner cartridges.
Electronic communication is our main form of corresponding with customers and suppliers, avoiding duplication in hard copy.
Online web servicing reduces travel for clients and reduces carbon emissions,
We switch off equipment when we leave the office and have in built computer timed shut down solutions to ensure energy is not being used when inactive.
We recycle the small amount of toner cartridges and paper that we use (shred any paper and use for other purposes)
We are transparent about what we offer our customers and what it will cost
When something goes wrong we want to know about it and facilitate this process through independent review process.
We make our escalation process visible to our customers on our website and throughout our communication.
Where possible we use local suppliers in order to further reduce carbon emissions. At present 90% of our office suppliers are from the local client business community and our client bases.
With regard to our overseas suppliers, we work closely with modern and ethical tailoring bases and who are chosen for their ethical practises and work closely with them to build and maintain long term relationships.
We communicate with our suppliers electronically minimising the requirement for paper invoicing.
We contribute to the Fashion and Textile Children’s Trust, a charity established in 1853 by a group of textile merchants who formed a trust fund to support families or carers who work in the fashion and textile industries.
We value our employees and provide pensions, child care vouchers, subsidised gym membership.
It is important to us to ensure our employees are safe and therefore we invest heavily in health and safety, providing training on first aid, manual handling and have a wide range of risk assessments to ensure that we keep all employees safe at all times on company premises. This ensures a reduction in health and safety incidents and gives confidence to our employees of their worth and safety within the company.
We provide in house training to ensure continued professional development for our employees and continue to promote from within and are passionate about developing our team for the future. This ensures that we can attract, retain and motivate our employees.
We communicate on a daily basis with the employees of the company and larger projects and work flow are coordinated through a project management communication tool (Basecamp) to ensure effective internal communication.
Corset Story is a fun, healthy, safe, positive, pleasant and passionate working environment for our staff and this passion transfers to our transparency for our customers and suppliers alike.